“Afro-féminisme”n’est pas Afroféminisme

  Hello people, long time no see. Je reviens de la première conférence afroféministe en Auvergne, à laquelle j’ai eu le plaisir de participer avec des militantes d’exception, Fania Noël, Po Lomami et Many Chroniques. Cela fait longtemps que je désirai sillonner la province avec ma petite trousse afroféministe, histoire de décentraliser la lutte auprès […]

My life fits in a box

You probably thought I disappeared ? I thought too. Among empty boxes, I put a little bit of myself in all of them : Time to leave, guys ! But I’m not as sad as I was few days before. I realized all the goods things which are coming and when I see my roomate […]

Roots, what's that ?

“Roots” seems to be a basic word, but I took time before realizing how meaningfull it could be. I could reduce this interest to my origins, but we can having roots in many ways. For example, I travelled a lot in different countries and this year, I lived during 9 months in Finland (I am […]