Roots & Inspiration supports : Coco & Breezy [Eng, Fr]

“Quand nous étions jeunes, nous étions harcelées à l’école parce que nous étions différentes. Et nous avons transformés le fait d’être différentes et d’être harcelées en quelque chose de positif : les lunettes de soleil. C’était une sorte d’échappatoire, nous les portions face à ceux qui nous harcelaient et bien avant de nous lancer dans […]

[Les Enjeux] Why can't we wait – MLK et le racisme invisibilisé

Me revoilààà ! Précédemment(voir article précédent ici), je vous expliquais pourquoi la lecture de ce livre était l’occasion de percer une représentation galvanisée du mythe MLK, et comment cette mystification invisibilise parfois le racisme moderne, dans tout ce qu’il a de plus décomplexé. Ou comment sortir du “c’était pire, avant”. Comme il s’agit d’une review […]

Calling dreamers

  Wishing and dreaming are described with beauty, but when I look at the clock’ and see the late hour of the night, I do believe that dreams are doomed. Even when everything succeeds around you, they’re feeding your last hopes and illusions. Life is rewarding you but you keep daydreaming with this incredible fever […]

Some News – Greatness is coming !

Hey guys ! How are you doing ? I take some minutes to tell you some stuff about what’s going on in my life lately. Not that it will bring you something,  you can just skip this article if you want to, haha.  You are now 35 followers on this blog and 80 on Twitter, […]

Madame Vulnerability

  I wish I could live without any expectations. Even if you have this thrilling seconds when you realized that they come true, I would sacrifice these little seconds of transe for a perfect ataraxia. Or holidays of ataraxia. Can you imagine ? Take a break when you think about nothing then “what will I […]

Moving on, strength of next days

Weird title, I think. But it seemed to me obvious that “strength” takes place in it. Nothing goes as we expect that it will be. Disappointment is something that I am familiar with, somehow, in love. Some of you appreciated my last article, and I don’t regret my words but since that, disappointment came upon […]

My life fits in a box

You probably thought I disappeared ? I thought too. Among empty boxes, I put a little bit of myself in all of them : Time to leave, guys ! But I’m not as sad as I was few days before. I realized all the goods things which are coming and when I see my roomate […]