Ayanna Witter Johnson + news

Hi everyone ! I discovered Ayanna Witter Johnson thanks to Helkinn, and I never got the occasion to talk about her songs. Her style is jazzy, but I bought her EP Truthfully. I listened to her music sooo many times that I had o buy her EP. And the artist is so nice that she gave […]

At an Ohio Boar…

At an Ohio Board of Education meeting yesterday, Terhar called the novel “pornographic.” “I don’t want my grandchildren reading it and I don’t want anybody else’s grandchildren reading it,” she said.   Hi guys ! In my master degree, we have to realize a memoire about the subject we want to. I was hesitating between […]

How to make it your own/home ?

Hello guys ! I jus moved in. New town, new house and alone. It’s a weird feeling to create a new home, to make a neutral place your own. I tried to bring with me pictures, decoration objects, books and so on, but I still feel like a  wave hole, as if  I was walking […]