South of France, Avignon

Nothing is better than a break far away from the daily life. This week-end, I joined my parents in the South and discovered Avignon. A lot of folkloric plays in the streets, icecream and restaurants under the sun, orange roads among red landscapes and lost stone villages in mountains… Look. Eat. Travel !  

Is being open-minded a myth ?

  Trying harder to be open-minded, it’s like having a mind stretching on and on and on. It’s way easier when you just have to hear the culture of the other, but what about when you have to accept it in your daily life ? Let’s go back to my personnal context. I am mixed, […]

Madame Vulnerability

  I wish I could live without any expectations. Even if you have this thrilling seconds when you realized that they come true, I would sacrifice these little seconds of transe for a perfect ataraxia. Or holidays of ataraxia. Can you imagine ? Take a break when you think about nothing then “what will I […]