Flâner, et autres.

  First of all, I seriously think about having translation of some articles in here. Two students proposed to me to translate the texts I need, and some english readers asked me about it, so maybe 2015 will be the year for more english contents. Second of all, I am really excited about all the new […]

Going back to my natural hair without extensioned box braids (like above, precisely). It’s weird to feel vulnerable and exposed, as if you had embodied a powerful part of yourself and that, for now, you were a whole being including hided fragile parts. I kind of broke down lately: I can’t tolerate how easy people can […]

Roots & Inspiration supports : Coco & Breezy [Eng, Fr]

“Quand nous étions jeunes, nous étions harcelées à l’école parce que nous étions différentes. Et nous avons transformés le fait d’être différentes et d’être harcelées en quelque chose de positif : les lunettes de soleil. C’était une sorte d’échappatoire, nous les portions face à ceux qui nous harcelaient et bien avant de nous lancer dans […]