Why do I love Toni Morrison?

Je voulais écrire “admire” au lieu d’”aime”, ou encore “apprécie” mais je suppose que vous préféreriez une voix neutre et froide pour l’article de passion qui va suivre.  Certains d’entre vous savent déjà combien j’admire cette écrivaine, je m’y réfère souvent pour son oeuvre et j’ai réalisé combien elle touchait différents aspects de ma person[alité]. […]

Calling dreamers

  Wishing and dreaming are described with beauty, but when I look at the clock’ and see the late hour of the night, I do believe that dreams are doomed. Even when everything succeeds around you, they’re feeding your last hopes and illusions. Life is rewarding you but you keep daydreaming with this incredible fever […]

Copenhagen was wonderful… and rainy !

Hey guys ! I came back from my trip to Copenhagen , it was so nice but I still prefer Stockholm haha. Anyway, people were adorable, danish places are cosy and they cooking is just surpring and delicious ! However, too expensive for little students… I brought a danish coin in order to do a […]