At an Ohio Boar…

At an Ohio Board of Education meeting yesterday, Terhar called the novel “pornographic.”

“I don’t want my grandchildren reading it and I don’t want anybody else’s grandchildren reading it,” she said.


Hi guys !

In my master degree, we have to realize a memoire about the subject we want to. I was hesitating between two subjets and one of them is the representation of memory in contemporary literature. I will maybe talk about it here because I finally chose it for another purpose, but when I heard about how Ohio planned to erase “The bluest eye” of Toni Morrison from reading list, I was shoked.

As you know already,I am french and I am surprised to see that a such book may be removed from those list for American people, when even this book has an international impact – until here. Yes, there is a scene of rape, but why should we hide it ? It’s reductive to ban this book for that, it’s not only that. The violence exists and not all people are aware of it.

Or maybe Disney would be more appropriate for a comparison with our world… (irony)

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