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Hello everyone !

So many ideas for this year. It’s funny the twist of this blog : it started with humanist thoughts about the world and now, it seems to evolve into an engaged point of view. I missed that point somehow… However, I don’t wish to stuck my blog into a category, so I hope you will find it diversified !

Many ideas for this year I said :

  • Afro Cinema : in my afro cultural research, I think about watching old movies with famous black woman actress thanks to the Collectif of Baldwin, a great page on Facebook which underlines how many black figures we ignore about ! I am tempted by those secret black icons, who currently pass away without I had  heard of them.
  • Afro books : I decided to diversify the authors I talk about. Although Morrison is still the goddess in my life haha, there are plenty of african, carribean authors I see mentionned along the comments, and discussions I have. I can’t avoid some huge pieces like “Why can’t we wait” of MLK, or the autobiography of Malcolm X, or a Maya Angelou’s novel… It would be silly to pretend to an afro bookshelf without them, but I will do an effort in order to know others authors – and it’s the hardest to find, so feel free to suggest some titles on my . Even if I DO NOT read ONLY afro books, I have still this need to identify and I hope you will follow me in this amazing trip.
  • Motivation Notebook : THERE! My big project is what pushed me to open this blog. I wanted to create a space very bright, light, opened, and optimistic. This year I decided to have a Motivation Notebook : it is the same principle than a motivation wall, but I hope to add to it a professional aspect : publishing reflexions, inspiration by some publishing personalities or companies, and of course others creative reflexions. I will show you how it looks like in few days, for now I am in my exams.
  • Trips : Can’t talk about it for now, but I prepare a huge plan for summer. Like..HUGE.

That said, I hope you enjoyed the past celebrations : Happy New year to all !

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