Why did I cry for Fruitvale Station ?

In France, some critics said this movie was horribly binary and manicheist because of the form of the movie, which depicts the daily life of Oscar. They simply don’t understand that it is not about being truthful, or being objective. This is not a thesis. This is about race, this ugly truth about discriminations.

This movie depicts a man who thought he would spend a good night for New Year Eve with his friend, a mother who said to his son to take the train for being safe.All the possibilities of a better life : this is about a man who thought he would wake up the next day. But he did not. Because he got shot for being black. Not for being at the wrong place, at the wrong moment, nor being violent. I watched the video you can see on youtube, and this decided gesture of the cop shooting him is desperately truthful.

I don’t live in USA, but I cried because it could have been my brothers/cousins/boyfriend/friends instead of Oscar. I cried also because there are too many cases like this – do I have to mention Trayvon ?

Sometimes people ask me “how come you feel close to afro-american community ?”I guess it’s reassuring for them to think what we live in Europe is not the same, that they are “not as bad as americans” or what else… I guess it’s easy to deny race issues by putting it far away from Europe.

Yet, the fact is the reason I cry for is the same reason I feel the pain they have: because we have the same color.

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