Stockholm by heart

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I don’t know if you have found it, but for my concern, Stockholm is that place I would love to feel the daily life. I love it so much, with this calm and poetic atmosphere in Gamla Stan, the old own. I could sit for an entire day on a balcony in front of its coloured face. Red, yellow, brown, orange, Stockholm is as coloured as me, full of a simple joy and a seductive shyness of the first time. I thought I would be disappointed to visit it for a second time, that I would feel this loss of this sparkling wonder which happens only once…. Well, I was wrong. I felt its colours and its whispers on summer. Except that I would prefer her during winter, because tourists made me upset so many times that I can’t count how much I swore haha.

Yeah, Stockholm is that kind of town. The one which will make you stop and stay.

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