Moving on… wait… MOVING OUT !

Long time I did not post here ! This is due to many current changing these days.

I finished my novel and made it read by some people who liked it. I sent it to two publishing houses, so let’s wait and see what will happen in two months ! Otherwise, I found my first apartment “by my own” – no room sharing, no student residency, just my lovely flat. I begun to make the list, to pack everything with me – again -, to finish my internship and my parisian life.

It took me a moment for realizing that I left home. This is it. I am becoming an adult. Yerk.When I think about it, I moved  a lot since I left for Finland. On my return, I went directly to Paris, and now I move out for another city called Limoges. I came to my hometown many times, and saw my family but when I went to my room, it was incredible to see the transition in all the opened boxes and luggages, some of them were full or empty, some of them just ready to welcome new stuffs in their paper bellies. I just sleep there but I don’t spend much time, and I feel as if my presence is fading away from this place. On Thursday morning, I benefit from my days off for going to Stockholm ! (yeah, lazy french people you will say ? well it’s the only holidays I have this year, so …!!).

As you can imagine, I am in a complete transition. Also, I have a new plan in mind, a new big project. My last project was going in Finland for a year, and it felt incredibly good to build from A to Z this chapter of my life. This time, I do it again, I want to go in a english-speaking country ! Yeah guys, be prepared to see me in USA, Canada or England (sorry Australia, and South Africa, too far for me). I have a preference for USA, but it will depend on my offers.

Hope you’re doing well, and sorry for these egotistic news,  I promise I will post an open article. See you after Stockholm ! Love.

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